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Michael is a real estate professional that I would recommend to anyone looking to buy, sell or auction property in 10 western states and Costa Rica. He is very detail oriented, self motivated and quite simply makes things happen day after day, month after month and year after year.

- Jason Wallingford

Michael is a great example of what a real estate broker ought to be. He works harder for his clients than most other brokers combined. I have been a client on the buying and selling end of real estate transactions for the past twenty years, if I'd only had a broker work as hard for me as Michael does for his clients I could have avoided a lot of heartburn!

- Robert Gash

Michael Krieg was very helpful in the sale of my Uncle Paul's home and land in Grand Junction, Colorado.

- Dave Rose

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Mike Krieg with United Country Real Estate in Grand Junction Colorado  is a full service real estate broker, Michael sells farms and ranches, luxury homes , businesses and resort properties all over the Western United States and Costa Rica.

“I work the entire western region of the United States,” says Mike Krieg, a broker with United Country .Real Colorado Properties in Grand Junction. “From Steamboat Springs to Durango, Grand Junction to Denver, I sell property all over the state of Colorado.” While most brokers wish to stick to their comfort zone of their home region, Mike is willing to hit the road. He’s sold unique properties all over 10 states after local brokers have failed to sell the same properties.


Mike Krieg is a real estate problem solver. Sometimes a real estate problem can seem insurmountable. A property may have been listed for several years with no offers; a buyer may not be able to find acceptable financing. Mike has a way of finding innovative solutions to real estate problems. He may know an investor who can offer bridge financing, or he might have a buyer for a unique property. Many brokers get bogged down in traditional approaches to real estate. If you really want to buy or sell real estate, ask Mike. He might have an answer when no one else has one.


Colorado ranches, resorts, luxury homes, businesses, hunting property, and commercial real estate sold by Michael krieg

With a strong family history of running hotels, resorts, and restaurants, Mike Krieg understands the Colorado hospitality and Costa Rica resort business. He’s the broker who can list and sell Colorado & Costa Rica resorts, restaurants, RV parks, commercial property, hunting property, and businesses. Mike has sold restaurants and resorts in Durango, RV parks in Cortez, commercial property in Steamboat, farms and ranches in Grand Junction, and all sorts of real estate in between. He keeps a keen eye on the regional, local and international real estate  markets, and is an expert at determining a true value of real estate in any current market.


Real estate marketing is Mike Krieg’s specialty!   

Michael Krieg Selling Colorado & Costa Rica real estate is a simple matter of marketing. The old approach of “a sign in the yard, an ad in the local paper, and a listing in the MLS” simply doesn’t work anymore. Mike works harder than any broker in Colorado at marketing his listings. Facebook, Twitter, websites, print ads, directories, national marketing campaigns, TV ads and programming, radio, and good old networking—Mike does it all to advertise his United Country real estate clients properties. Belonging to seven different MLS systems exposing his properties to 27 counties and the brokers who work in those locations.


Buyers and sellers know they’re dealing with a professional real estate broker when engaging with Michael Krieg and United Country Real Estate

Are you having trouble finding the ideal property? Give Mike Krieg a call. He will answer your questions with brutal honesty, and chances are he’ll find you a property with all the right attributes at the right price.

Michael Krieg with United Country Real Estate has been in the TOP 1% every year of all brokers since starting his real estate career. Winning several national and international awards for marketing excellence. and design.